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Features of WebRTC Development Software

WebRTC services are the greatest option for protecting peer-to-peer conversations inside and outside an organization. No unauthorized party may see or intercept your private communications.

Audio & Video Conference

When it comes to video conferencing using a browser, WebRTC is one of the most often used options.

Live Streaming

WebRTC low latency streaming may be used to develop a new live stream application or to enhance an existing one.

Video & Audio Calls

The majority of WebRTC's applications are in audio and video calls made through web browsers.

Event Streaming & Webinars

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) facilitates real-time audio and video communication and the exchange of various types of data across browsers.

Data Exchange & Messaging

You can use WebRTC for calling and chatting to exchange media and data. It is versatile.

Screen Sharing & File Transfering

Transfer files and documents without effort, and easily share your screen with other participants.

Few Words from Our Beloved Clients

Custom WebRTC Development Services

We offer WebRTC-enabled Video Conferencing Applications, Virtual Meeting Platform Development, and Webinar Apps Development as per your business needs.


WebRTC Mobile App Development

Depending on the scenario, we develop state-of-the-art WebRTC mobile applications to provide seamless video communication using various technologies. Our WebRTC programmers can help you with third-party integrations and developing interactive WebRTC applications in real time.


Web Application Development

We help companies create custom, feature-packed online apps for streaming real-time video. One of our specialties is developing interactive WebRTC web applications that support various platforms and devices, high-quality video/voice calling, real-time interaction elements, and more.


WebRTC API Development

Our WebRTC development services include creating browser add-ons, setting up and utilizing data and media connections, and much more. We provide WebRTC solid API development assistance for controlling interfaces, live events, user identities, and security.


WebRTC Multi-Platform Streaming

We create cross-platform, device-friendly live-streaming solutions using W3C and IETF standards and protocols. Support for WebRTC-based devices includes compatibility with other audio and video systems that use various protocols for exchanging data and high-quality calls.


Live Video Streaming App Development

WebRTC's low-latency video streaming features may be used to build specialized live-streaming applications or incorporate them into preexisting infrastructure. We assist in developing completely protected WebRTC live-streaming applications for a wide range of real-time streaming use cases.


Webinar & Event Broadcasting

WebRTC is a popular technology for real-time communication that allows for the direct transfer of voice, video, and other types of data between web browsers, making it a popular choice for video streaming during webinars and events. Hire WebRTC developers for webinar and event broadcasting applications.

Does your business need a WebRTC development partner?

Our WebRTC development company helps you build cost-effective, performant, and highly interactive video streaming apps.

Hire WebRTC Developers

Our WebRTC development company is staffed by professionals contributing to various projects. Several of our clients have benefited from our assistance in handling complex business difficulties thanks to our proficiency in custom software development and web application design.

Hire our WebRTC development team because we have got:

Talented IT Programmers
Agile Methodology Process
Excellent and Advanced Infrastructure
Continuous Development Updates
Fully-functional Team Onboard, Including QA
Hands-on Experience with the latest Tools

WebRTC Development: Technical Breakdown

Before hiring our WebRTC development company or team, it is essential to quickly check the technology stack required for building a video conferencing app using WebRTC.

Technology Stack

  • Mobile App and Web App with Web Admin
  • WebRTC + PJSIP & Self build SDK
  • MySQL
  • MVVM
  • XCode
  • VCode
  • Android Studio

Team Strength

The WebRTC development team's strength for crafting a secure video conferencing app or interface differs from one project to another. Here is the common team strength for projects that requires 250-500 hours of development time.

  • 2 Senior Developers
  • 3 Junior Developers
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 Web Designer
  • Senior QA Analyst
  • Project Manager

Why Choose Moon Technolabs for WebRTC Solutions?

Moon technolabs does everything regarding WebRTC app development. We provide WebRTC software solutions from the scratch through their design initiation to the market and beyond.

Dedicated RTC teams

When you hire us, we'll work closely with your team to fill in technical gaps or assist your most ambitious projects while adhering to the best WebRTC development practices and security standards.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Moon Technolabs is the go-to destination for most multinational corporations needing WebRTC application development services. If you're looking to cut costs for your app development without minimizing quality-we are here.

No Barriers to Different Time-Zones

Regarding providing WebRTC solutions, Moon Technolabs's WebRTC engineers are more effective - as our assigned team works closely with the client's Time-Zones. There is no such barrier as Time-Zone at Moon Technolabs.

Agile Working Methodology

Our agile WebRTC teams are built to develop user-centric, data-driven communication solutions with minimal risk and predictability. We've covered you, from identifying user requirements to timely product delivery, testing, reporting, and budget management.

On-Time & Quick Delivery

Promptness and dependability are part of Moon Technolabs's core culture for any service. Importantly. We respect our customers' time and always deliver their tasks on schedule. We use the latest tools to keep clients updated.

100% Transparent Communication

Communication is the most critical factor in fully understanding a client's vision for a project and successfully delivering on those visions. We are open, honest, and transparent at each stage of development.

Team up with our WebRTC experts

Let Moon Technolabs be your technology partner for top-notch WebRTC applications.


There is no need to worry about using WebRTC. Access to the camera and microphone will always be requested for user approval before any connection is initiated across browsers. To further guarantee the safety of each session, it employs end-to-end encryption and the Secure-real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).

Well. Customization, additional features, the app's complexity, team expertise team, and other aspects all contribute to the overall price tag of WebRTC app development. The cost cannot be predicted in advance for developing any open-source project or technology works using WebRTC. Clients must discuss their requirements to get the cost of designing their voice and video app.

Regarding customer support and engagement, we have a company that can connect to various platforms. WebRTC's integration features make it a flexible option to do just that. YouTube Streaming, Facebook Live, or cloud-served phone plans are some of the most often used integrations.

The transfer of data poses a security risk in every real-time communication application. WebRTC app development does not include any external services that may be utilized to encrypt data. However, the technology is effective because it employs tried and accurate network protocols that can be applied to any part of the system and guarantee safe data transfer.

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