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Our AR VR App Development Services - Unparalleled and Legendary

As a leading AR VR development company, we provide custom virtual and augmented reality solutions that revolutionize how customers interact with your brand, reaping huge dividends.

Custom AR VR App Development

Just let us know what you want, and we’ll make your vision a reality. Be it slam tracking or 3D modeling, we’ll use the latest AR VR tools, such as AR Core, Xcode, etc., to create seamless virtual worlds. Let your customers know that you will give them an experience of a lifetime.

Mind-Blowing AR VR Game Development

Treat your potential gamer base with a multi-sensory gaming experience rendered with the power of custom AR VR solutions. Our virtual reality developers use the latest tools, such as 3D Max and AutoDesk 3D, coupled with their robust UI skills to build a legacy game.

Immersive Virtual Exploration App

Our virtual reality development services are centered on building virtual exploration apps for various kinds of business models. Now customers can view and see for real your retail stores, clothing line, travel spots, and much more.

Trendy AR VR Avatar Development

Enhance custom conversions and retention rates by integrating virtual avatars in your business application and guiding them through their product-come-service purchase journeys. Give your customers the benefit of being assisted in their online purchase journeys.

Engaging Virtual Experiences

Do you host live events via video streaming platforms? Engage your customers by providing them with immersive virtual experiences that make them feel as though they are physically attending the event. Scale your event business to great heights with custom AR VR solutions.

Dedicated AR VR Support

As augmented and virtual reality applications are built with great computational power, it requires consistent technical support to maintain superior performance. Our AR VR developers provide dedicated technical support to ensure that the app doesn’t run into any glitches.

Benefits of AR VR App Development

You can’t agree more with the countless benefits that augmented reality apps bring to the plate. Your business can essentially expand and grow exponentially and gain customer lifetime value like never before.

 Drives Customer Engagement

Augmented and virtual reality mobile app development drives insane customer engagement as it allows the creation of user-generated content (UGC). Face filters are one of the best examples of such VR apps.

Transform Your Brand Presence

With a futuristic brand presence infiltrated with the help of mixed reality UI components, you can gain customer liking and preference. You can empower your brand identity and add new dimensions to it consistently.

Enhance Sales

Most eCommerce sales are driven based on customers’ emotional decisions. With virtual reality software, the emotional sentiment value increases, and customers make more purchase decisions.

Stand Apart From the Competition

By building augmented reality mobile apps, you can imprint a brand value that makes you stand out from the competition. You’ll have raised the bar in terms of providing a phenomenal customer experience.

Detailed Analytics

You’ll be able to gather credible insights by integrating custom AR VR solutions as they help you to see which products and services are actually preferred by your potential customers.

Scale Business Consistently

Evolution is key to a business’s growth, and mixed reality apps help you to achieve that as you can scale consistently with the adoption of the latest trends shaping VR software development.

Elevate Customer Experience and Gain Huge ROI by Building a User-Intuitive AR VR Application

Give us the consent, and we’ll build powerful augmented and virtual reality mobile apps that deliver results.

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Why Choose MTPL for AR VR app development services?

You can’t agree more with the countless benefits that augmented reality apps bring to the plate. Your business can essentially expand and grow exponentially and gain customer lifetime value like never before.


Served a Global Clientele

Our VR development company has been prolific in serving clients worldwide with robust mixed-reality solutions that cater to their business needs. Our clients have shared their immense satisfaction in having partnered with us.


Highly Skilled AR VR Developers

Being one of the top AR VR development companies, we have the best app developers who create top-end augmented reality solutions that drive user engagement and initiate digital transformation.


Updated with the Latest Trends

Our AR VR developers are always on top of their game as they are updated with all the ongoing trends shaping the continuous development of AR technology. You’ll always be No 1 if you’ve partnered with us.


Flexible Engagement Models

You can choose from the three engagement models we provide for our clients to facilitate superior AR VR development. We’ll deliver top-notch digital solutions irrespective of the model you go for.


Fluent Communication

Clients prefer our AR development services as we’ve got masterly developers adept at communicating technical matters fluently and resonating with the client’s business requirements.


Timely Assistance and Support

Don’t worry about the lack of app performance, as our app developers will ensure that your AR VR application doesn’t get attacked by malicious third parties or reaches server breakthroughs.

Industries We Serve Our AR VR Solutions

We extend our AR VR app development services to business models of all kinds, sizes, and models. Domain experience is key to successfully developing immersive tech applications, and we’ve got that. Having served various business models in multiple industries, we know how to dive deep and build customized solutions.


We create custom store layouts and clothing line layouts with 3D computational modeling, allowing fashion-savvy customers to visit your store virtually and buy products after the tryout.


With our AR and VR apps, your doctors and medical staff can actually perform surgeries and conduct medical procedures on virtual bodies to prepare them for real-life treatment scenarios.


Augmented and virtual reality technologies help manufacturing companies facilitate training classes for engineers via 3D modeling and help them to collaborate seamlessly with fellow engineers.


Businesses having high engagement websites employ API and third-party integrations along with their predominant coding language. At Moon Technolabs, our proficient developers consider all the possibilities of incorporating trendy and credible features that will strike a chord with your target customers.


Never have a moment’s trouble with your PHP encoded business website or application as we will manage and maintain your website to ensure seamless performance throughout. We will fix the customary bugs that arise and enhance the overall functionality of your website, giving you all the support you need to run your online business effectively.

Travel and Tours

We elevate the travel experience by providing your target audience with the option of viewing their favorite travel destinations and hotels from a 3D view and getting optimum feedback.

AR VR Technology Stack

We use the latest tools and technologies to build powerful and impactful AR VR solutions. Here are some of the popular tools we use for facilitating superior augmented reality development.

Technology Stack

AR tools
  • Vuforia
  • AR ToolKit
  • Apple ARKit
  • Google ARCore
  • Deepar
  • Wikitude
  • Maxst 3D
VR tools
  • Unity 3D
  • Unreal Engine
  • Blender
  • Tilt Brush
  • Cry Engine

Team Strength

The team strength for a particular AR VR project depends on the complexities involved in the development of these custom applications. This is the typical team composition for a standard VR application.

  • 1 Senior Developer
  • 1-2 Junior Developers
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 QA Analyst
  • 1 Project Manager

AR VR App Development Process

Our agile mentality as a team allows us to complete the development of VR software solutions within the allotted time while assuring that the app performs as per your expectations.

1 process_image_1
Data Gathering and Research

During the initial phase, we dedicate ourselves to understanding your business app requirements and conducting detailed research to gather relevant data that aligns with your business goals.

2 process_image_2
UI & Design

We’ll create design mockups of your AR application and send them to you for approval. After a design mockup is finalized, we’ll set on developing the front end of your application.

3 process_image_3

Based on the research and data we gathered, we’ll set out to integrate the necessary features and functionality to enforce the seamless development of your application’s back end.

4 process_image_5

Our AR development company will submit your VR software solutions within the deadline once we’ve tested your application and it is free of potential bugs. You can be assured of the app’s quality.

5 process_image_4
Testing & QA

We’ll run through several comprehensive testing procedures to evaluate the performance of your AR application and check for the loopholes and errors in app code that are hindering it.

6 process_image_6

Tell us when you want to launch your online application, and we’ll tell our developers to publish the AR-integrated app on the right platforms. Drive user engagement instantly once the app is launched.


VR offers a complete virtual experience, whereas AR deploys real-world settings to allow users to manage between physical and virtual realities. Their applications are widely used for different purposes.

AR and VR are great in their own way, as their user applications vary based on the requirements. AR gives the balance between physical and virtual reality, whereas VR offers the ultimate virtual experience.

The cost to develop fully-functional AR VR apps depends on the features integrated into them and the complexities involved with development. The cost accumulates as the time for development increases.

It takes 4-7 months to develop an AR or VR application. The app development time depends on how seamlessly the process is carried out, with little to no confusion arising during the development phase.

Google ARCore, Apple ARKit, and Vuforia Engine are some of the augmented and virtual reality tools used to develop world-class immersive tech applications.

We provide consistent technical support and assistance to ensure that your AR & VR applications perform smoothly and don’t break through due to server load issues or malware attacks.

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