Fitness App Solutions We Provide


Management App For Gyms

Running a single or chain of gyms requires managing multiple users, equipment, subscriptions, training schedules etc. We make this task easy and efficient for you with customized Gym management app solutions.


App For Fitness Supplement Store

Build an online platform for your fitness supplements store and widen your audience reach. The user-friendly interface design and intuitive features make it easier for users to explore and purchase products.


App For Personal Trainers

Building top-notch custom fitness solutions for personal-fitness coaches & celebrities. The personal trainer apps allow them to provide personalized training through offline video and online consulting.


App For Yoga Centers

We have experience in building native and cross-platform mobile applications for yoga centers. Yoga and meditation apps help them offer guided yoga and meditation exercises while streamlining schedules.


App For Dieticians

We build diet & nutrition planning apps for dietetics and nutrition centers. They can serve a diverse population online with personalized meal plans and track their calorie intake for weight loss or gain goals.


Fitness App For Wearables

We deliver build health & fitness app solutions for wearable devices like smartwatches, etc. The apps enable users to monitor their fitness like heart-beat ratio, distance walked, etc.

Get Tailored Fitness Software Development Solutions

Get in touch with Moon Technolabs to expand your wellness and fitness business online.

Build Fitness Apps Like HealthifyMe, Fitbit, Strava

Moon Technolabs is one of the leaders in Fitness mobile app development services. We build custom fitness app solutions for personal trainers, gym or yoga centers, and others. The popularity of wellness and fitness app solutions like MyFitness Pal, Healthyifyme, and Fitbit has reached millions.

We can help you reach millions of health-conscious people with our custom fitness apps like Fitbit, Strava, or MyFitnessPal. Turn your Fitness app idea into a fully-featured and dynamic fitness solution. From Fitness and wellness apps to social fitness apps, our custom solutions will help you grow your business rapidly.

Build Fitness Apps Like HealthifyMe, Fitbit, Strava

Fitness App Development Features

The fitness industry is booming, with people turning health-conscious. As your trusted Fitness app development partner, we add advanced features and modules to help you attract maximum users.

User App

User App

Easy search and navigation to different screens, simple yet captivating design, and advanced features are the factors we consider while building user panel for fitness app solutions.

Fitness Trainer App

Fitness trainer panel is meant to make the lives of personal trainers or institutes easy. They can easily manage or schedule sessions, details of various customers, equipment, and payments.

Fitness Trainer App

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

The robust dashboard enables admins to keep a close on business operations. Track and monitor users, inventory, business status, and more, all from a single dashboard.

Advanced Features for a Fitness Mobile App


Wearable Integration

Integrate health and fitness applications with wearable devices or fitness trackers seamlessly. Track your workout activity, calorie intake, or progress easily with no fuss.



The gamified elements like streak, reward badges, in the wellness and fitness application help users stay consistent with their diet or workout routines. Winning rewards on every achievement, like game levels, keeps their morale up.


Social Sharing

Find your companions to support your fitness journey by connecting with friends, family, or other fitness freaks. Organize collaborative sessions, competitions, and more.


AI/ML Algorithms

Leverage artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning to create personalized workout plans and nutrition recommendations based on user data, goals, and preferences.


Offline Access

Allow users to access certain functionalities like videos or diet charts offline. We ensure seamless data synchronization once the device is connected for enhanced user satisfaction.


In-App Purchases

Allow users to purchase nutrition supplements or workout equipment through the app. Users can choose to subscribe to access premium content or personalized coaching.

Build Next-gen Fitness App Solutions Now

Leverage advanced technologies like AI/ML for your Fitness apps with Moon Technolabs.

Hire Fitness App Developers

Hire Fitness App Developers

When it comes to one's health, people trust only the best quality services. Similarly, our expert fitness app developers never compromise with quality while developing fitness app solutions. If you plan to hire fitness app developers for your next project, Moon Technolabs is the name you can trust. We design and develop user-friendly interfaces, robust backend systems, and advanced features to help you grow your business seamlessly.

Tech Stack

Programming Languages

PHPHTMLJavaScriptKotlin (Android)Swift (iOS)



eCommerce Platform



MongoDBOracle DatabaseMySQLPostgreSQLSQLiteCouchDBElasticsearchGoogle Big QueryCassandraAmazon AuroraCloud FirestoreFirebaseCore Data


Airport QueueTollGuruCheckr

SMS Gateway



Google MapsApple MapsWaze

Cloud Services

AWSGoogle Cloud PlatformMicrosoft AzureDigital Ocean

Microservices And Containers

KubernetesRancherDocker SwarmDocker Compose


JenkinsGitlabGithubTeamcityCircle CITravis CIBitbucket Pipelines



Health & Fitness App Business Models We Offer

Wellness or health is neither restricted to only diet, yoga, or workouts, nor do our fitness app development services. We build fitness app solutions for personal trainers, celebrities, and institutes, tailoring the solutions to their business needs. One thing we keep common for all solutions is top-notch quality.

Fitness Workout App

Fitness Workout App

Build a tailor-made fitness workout coaching app to offer personalized workout and fitness plans to users. Trainers can provide one-to-one personalized sessions and track their client’s progress.

Fitness Streaming App

Allow users to stream fitness videos, on-demand workouts, dance & yoga videos, and more. Depending on the user's plan, trainers can offer live video training sessions and recordings.

Fitness Streaming App

Fitness Activity Tracking App

Fitness Activity Tracking App

We specialize in Fitness tracking app development, leveraging advanced sensors and analytics. With these apps, users can track and monitor their physical activity like stairs climbed, steps walked, calories burnt, etc

Healthy Recipe Finder

People scroll and search the internet for healthy alternatives to their favorite foods. Allow them to find healthy recipes all in one place by developing a custom healthy food recipe finder app.

Healthy Recipe Finder

Mood Tracking App

Mood Tracking App

As a top Fitness App Development Company, we are an expert in building high-performance mood tracking solutions. We integrate AI and ML technologies to allow users to monitor and improve their emotional health

Sleep Cycle App

We specialize in building Wellness & fitness app development solutions like Sleep cycle apps. People with insomnia or other sleep-related problems can use these apps to monitor their sleep cycle patterns for better sleep.

Sleep Cycle App

Fitness App Development Process

If you are looking for a winning formula to build top-notch fitness apps, explore our proven 5-step process. We have helped several clients achieve success in the health and fitness industry with our impactful fitness solutions.

Step 1

Requirements And Research

  • Understand your requirements
  • Understand the target market and competition
  • Validate app idea
  • Identify a suitable solution
Step 2

Wireframing And UI/UX Design

  • Prepare wireframes for each screen
  • Decide color scheme, fonts, etc.
  • Take client feedback
  • Prepare design elements
Step 3


  • Front & back-end development
  • Add features & integrations
  • Get feedback on each milestone
  • Organize different panels
Step 4

Quality Assurance

  • App and performance testing
  • Code assessment
  • Assessing responsiveness
  • Bug & security fixing
Step 5

Launch & Maintenance

  • Plan the app launch
  • Deploy the app on app stores
  • Implement marketing strategies
  • App maintenance and support

Looking for the Top Fitness App Development Company?

Contact Moon Technolabs to build high-quality, scalable Fitness app solutions.

Why Choose Moon Technolabs?

Why Choose Moon TechnoLabs

Why Choose Moon Technolabs?

Choose Moon Technolabs, a leading custom app development company, to bring your mobile application vision to life with unparalleled expertise and support.

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Tailored Approach

Tailored Approach



Global Reach

Global Reach

Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights



Which platform is ideal for fitness app solutions?

iOS and Android both platforms ensure a wider audience reach. However, the choice of platform depends on various factors like target audience, features, budget, and project scope. If you need expert advice on the choice of platform for your fitness app project, you can contact us to schedule a free consultation with experts at Moon Technolabs.


Can I ask for custom API integrations in the Fitness app solution?

Absolutely. Integrating custom APIs into your fitness app will enhance its functionality and user experience. We can seamlessly integrate APIs as per your need, like health tracking APIs, nutrition APIs, location tracking APIs, etc.


How can I make money with fitness apps?

Fitness mobile apps are highly profitable. You can make money through advertisements, subscriptions, selling merchandise, in-app purchases, sponsorship, referral marketing, etc.


How much does it cost to build a custom fitness app?

Moon Technolabs builds tailored solutions aligning with your business needs. Our development services costs are affordable for various business types and budgets. However, the cost of a health and fitness app development depends on various factors. It will depend on the type of app you want to build, features, tech stack, integrations, and more. You can contact us with your detailed project requirements to get the exact quote.


What are the advantages of fitness apps?

Fitness apps offer several benefits for personal trainers, gym or yoga centers, and other app owners. Here are a few-


Does Moon Technolabs care about the confidentiality of the client's intellectual property?

Yes, of course. We ensure to protect clients’ intellectual properties with various security and safety measures. We sign an NDA before closing the deal and apply security best practices while building applications.


Will I get post-delivery support?

Surely. We offer post-launch support and maintenance services to help our clients operate the solutions smoothly. Our technical team provides 24/7 support to fix any bugs or security issues.