Healthcare Software Development Solutions We Provide


Patient-centric apps and Web Portals

Empower patients with user-friendly healthcare appointment booking apps to take charge of their health. From appointment scheduling to medication reminders, we enhance patient engagement for better outcomes.


Medical Professional Solutions

Streamline healthcare workflows with tailored applications for medical professionals. We also integrate different healthcare app development services for remote monitoring and data analysis tools to facilitate real-time patient care.


Telemedicine and Virtual Consultations

Connect patients and doctors seamlessly with our telemedicine apps. Enjoy secure video consultations and real-time monitoring from the comfort of your home.


Blockchain in Medical Networking

Safeguard patient data with advanced blockchain technologies to ensure secure maintenance of medical records and data encryption.


Cloud Healthcare Solutions

Patients and doctors can now effortlessly observe and track their medical journey, keep a personal record of their health data, and access vital information, empowering better healthcare management.

Healthcare Industry Verticals We Cover


Hospitals &


Diagnostics & research


Medical independent
software vendors (ISVs)


Medical device

We deliver
healthcare software
services to






Assisted living


Other healthcare

Fulfilling the Medical Compliance

We ensure compliance with the medical standards is at the core of our healthcare app development process. We adhere to all industry security regulations, guaranteeing patient data's utmost security and privacy.



HIPAA-compliant healthcare app development safeguards patient privacy and security.



Seamless integration with healthcare systems, ensuring standardized data exchange.



Adherence to enhanced security measures, promoting electronic health record protection.



Stringent data protection, safeguarding user information and privacy rights.



Development of FDA-approved medical apps, adhering to safety and efficacy regulations.

Empower Patient-Care with Innovative Healthcare Apps

Build simple and intuitive patient-centric apps with real-time tracking tools.

Develop a Healthcare App Like Clinikk, Zocdoc & Practo

Are you looking to create healthcare apps that mirror the success of industry giants like Clinikk, Zocdoc, and Practo? You're in the right place! Just imagine empowering patients to easily book appointments, access medical records on the go, and connect seamlessly with healthcare professionals—all in one app!

With our expertise, we will streamline your process of app development for healthcare to facilitate medical services, boost patient engagement, and elevate your brand's presence. Let's collaborate and create a healthcare app that sets new standards in patient care.

Develop a Healthcare App Like Clinikk, Zocdoc & Practo

Salient Features of Mobile App Development for Healthcare

The future of healthcare apps is here. Our apps empower patients and healthcare professionals with seamless appointment booking, access to real-time health tracking, and telemedicine consultations.

Manage Healthcare Seamlessly With Appointments and Patient Management Apps

Manage Healthcare Seamlessly With Appointments and Patient Management Apps

A simple patient management app can enhance healthcare scheduling and streamline patient interactions. We develop custom healthcare apps that enhance patient engagement and improve medical practice efficiency with user-friendly interfaces.

Embrace Mental Well-Being with Mindfulness Apps

Our mindfulness app development offers guided meditation sessions, personalized wellness plans, and stress-relief exercises to promote mental clarity. With tools for mood tracking and breathing techniques, users can build resilience and manage anxiety effectively, empowering a journey of inner peace and tranquility.

Embrace Mental Well-Being with Mindfulness Apps

Access Essential Medications With Pharmacy and Drug Delivery Apps

Access Essential Medications With Pharmacy and Drug Delivery Apps

With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can fill prescriptions and get medicines delivered at your doorstep. Our healthcare app development services provide a convenient and efficient solution, ensuring patients never miss a dose and can easily manage their healthcare needs.

Elevate Your Overall Well-being With Real-time Fitness and Wellness Apps

Our innovative healthcare app development solutions empower users to track their fitness progress, access personalized workout plans, and receive real-time health insights. With features like live fitness classes, interactive challenges, and nutrition tracking, our mobile fitness apps make staying healthy a breeze.

Elevate Your Overall Well-being With Real-time Fitness and Wellness Apps

Premium Features for Custom Healthcare App Development


One-Click Ambulance

You can add this essential feature for emergencies that lets you call an ambulance in untimely situations. It notifies your trusted contacts and sends locations of nearby pharmacies.


Hospital Wayfinding

Wayfinding is a valuable feature for senior citizens to find their way inside the hospital, find concerned physicians, and find parking spots in case they get lost or are anxious.


Symptoms Checking

This feature lets you check your symptoms and feed in information about your health condition. Also, get recommendations on which hospital to visit for further diagnosis.


Health Activity Tracking

Monitor your vital health metrics like heart rate, calories burned, and blood pressure levels. Get suggestions on living a healthy lifestyle.


Staff Management

Manage hospital or medical institution staff by keeping track of their schedules and health records to increase work efficiency.


Doctor Profile Lookup

Find the most suitable doctor or physician by looking up their profiles, experience, qualifications, ratings, and contact details.


Patient Intake Forms

Save your patients’ time by allowing them to submit their basic details online before they book an appointment.


E-sign Document

Eliminate the need to personally sign the documents by adding an e-sign feature allowing patients to sign documents through apps.

Accelerate Patient Engagement with a Few Taps

Discover the full potential of smart features for easy medical access and assistance.

Hire Healthcare App Developers With Flexibility

Hire Healthcare App Developers With Flexibility

Bring your healthcare app idea to life. Whether you need a patient-centric app, telemedicine solution, or wellness platform, we create innovative and user-centric apps that streamline patient care and elevate healthcare services. With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, our skilled healthcare mobile app developers offer the perfect blend of expertise and flexibility to meet your unique project requirements.

Tools and Technologies

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Mobile and Desktop Technologies

JavaKotliNObjective-CSwiftReact NativeFlutterXamarinIonicUWPWPFWindows Form.Net coreElectron JS

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UI / UX Technologies

FigmaAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopElementorAdobe XDCanvasCrello

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Front-end Technologies


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Back-end Technologies

PythonPHPLaravel.NETASP.NETNode.JSDjangoShopifyExpress.JSPhoenix FrameworkElixirFlaskJavaHyperledger FabricSolidityThree.JSNuxt.JSMagentoDrupal 9.0SpringbootGOCakePHPC#Ruby on RailsMS Visual Studio

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Database Technologies

MongoDBOracle DatabaseMySQLPostgreSQLSQLiteCouchDBElasticsearchGoogle Big QueryCassandraAmazon AuroraCloud FirestoreFirebaseCore Data

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GitLabJenkinsTerraformKubernetesGrafanaLokiOpen ID Connect

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Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)Google Cloud PlatformAzureDockerCHEFDigitalOceanHeroku

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Blockchain Services (Expertise)

SolidityHyperledger FabricSmart ContractTokensNFTCrypto wallet

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VoIP Technologies (Expertise)

VoIPWebRTCTwilio IntegrationTelnyx

Healthcare App Development Process We Follow

mHealth app developers at Moon Technolabs follow a five-step streamlined process that provides agility and brings a project to successful fruition.

Step 1

Transforming your idea into a product concept

  • Researching and analyzing your idea
  • Defining and understanding the target audience
  • Planning scope and project
  • Creating brand identity
Step 2

Defining features, budget, and timelines

  • Designing wireframe of features
  • Planning budget and delivery
  • Identifying basic and advanced features
  • Defining technical requirements
Step 3

Developing the idea into a prototype

  • Selecting a development approach
  • Selecting a language and implementing code
  • Integration with APIs
  • Front-end and back-end development
Step 4

Integration with tools and testing

  • Designing interface and navigation
  • Integrating and collaborating with tools
  • Developing test plans and test types
  • Assessing security and optimizing performance
Step 5

Deploying on platforms with ongoing maintenance

  • Deploying application portals
  • Submitting on app stores
  • Promoting and marketing
  • Adding updates and support

Empower Patients, Doctors, and Healthcare Providers

Develop a healthcare app with straightforward and intuitive features to meet users’ demands.

Why Choose Moon Technolabs?

Why Choose Moon TechnoLabs

Why Choose Moon Technolabs?

Choose Moon Technolabs, a leading custom app development company, to bring your mobile application vision to life with unparalleled expertise and support.

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Why Clients Trust Us?





Tailored Approach

Tailored Approach



Global Reach

Global Reach

Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights



What should I look for while choosing a healthcare mobile app development company?

Choosing a healthcare app development partner requires you to consider their development process, models, portfolios, and compatibility with your projects. Client reviews are also an essential criterion. Our healthcare developers analyze your business requirements from scratch and offer the most suitable solution.


Do you provide mHealth app solutions?

Yes, we provide custom healthcare app development with intelligent telemedicine features, appointment bookings, and real-time features that help you enhance medical assistance for patients, doctors, and other healthcare providers.


Are your healthcare services and apps HIPAA, FDA, and GDPR compliant?

All our web portals and mobile apps undergo stringent compliance checks to ensure data privacy and patient confidentiality.


Does your company provide healthcare solutions for startups?

Yes, we develop customized healthcare solutions for all types of industries - whether you have a startup, a medical facility, a pharmacy, a hospital, or a clinic.


How much would developing an app like Practo or Clinikk cost me?

Developing a healthcare app like Practo and other giants depends on the features you want to integrate. Basic features, advanced features, and web technologies also decrease or increase the app development cost. You can talk to an expert and share your ideas for the best estimate.