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Our Metaverse Software Development Services

Leading from the forefront as a metaverse app development company, we provide an arsenal of services that are customized to your business needs. Never let your customers be bored with your app experience.

Custom Metaverse App Development

Do you have a sound-proof idea of the metaverse vision of your business application? Whatever it be, our metaverse developers will integrate the required features and functionality to implement your vision and get your online application to deliver the results.

Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development

The world of NFTs is gaining immense popularity as many tech-savvy individuals are trading and buying NFTs. Our leading metaverse development company will build a legacy NFT marketplace for your business that facilitates borderless trading of digital assets.

Relevant Metaverse Integration Services

Our metaverse development services are centered on integrating relevant metaverse features into your existing business apps to enhance customer experience and gain more dividends. We integrate 3D virtual worlds, avatars, decentralized ecosystems, etc, to improve customer interaction.

Metaverse E-commerce Development

Enhance sales and revenue by creating engaging experiences for your potential customers and building a feature-rich, metaverse-integrated eCommerce application. We’ll deploy the latest eCommerce trends to create a powerful online shopping experience for your customers.

Metaverse Support and Maintenance

You can count on us to provide consistent technical support and maintenance once the metaverse application has been launched and is performing well. Our dedicated app developers will ensure no malware or server breakthrough happens while they’re on the lookout.

Metaverse Testing

It takes expert testing and quality assurance procedures to validate the credibility and performance metrics of a metaverse application. Our metaverse app testers and QA experts use the latest technologies and methods to rectify all errors and ensure the app performs to its potential.

Few Words from Our Beloved Clients

Our Metaverse Development Process

At Moon Technolabs, we have a streamlined process that we follow throughout the development of your metaverse app. Your metaverse project will be good to go within no time.

1 process_image_1
Data Gathering and Research

Before we develop your metaverse platform, we’ll do thorough research to understand the essence of your business model and how we can implement core features seamlessly into your online application.

2 process_image_2
UI & Design

Our metaverse developers set forth to create a standout design for your metaverse application once you finalize the wireframes and mockups we send to you.

3 process_image_3

Once the UI is done and you’ve approved the design, we’ll start working on the back end and functionalities of your application. By using the latest metaverse technology, we’ll integrate relevant features.

4 process_image_5

We’ll submit the metaverse application to you well within the deadline after running it through various test cases. There won’t be any delay in submission, whatever the matter.

5 process_image_4

We carry out extensive testing methods to rule out all potential errors in the code and check whether the metaverse app performs to its intended potential. By automating test cases, we derive enhanced testing results.

6 process_image_6

Once your app is ready and good to go, we’ll launch it on the required platforms and mobile app stores to get the results clicking. Be assured that the app we developed will get you immense returns.

Benefits of Developing a Metaverse Platform For Your Business

It is a revolution! That’s what you’ll be a part of when you integrate metaverse technologies into your business applications. You’ll experience unparalleled benefits that no other tech can promise.

Enhance Customer Engagement

Every business blooms when the customer responds positively to its initiatives. That’s what the metaverse will help you accomplish. By integrating virtual 3D worlds, avatars, NFT marketplaces, etc… into your app, you can vitally engage your customers like never before.

Gain Wider Reach

When customer experience for real the immense creativity and UI appeal of your metaverse application, the word spreads and eventually reaches out to a wider audience. You’ll be able to gather a customer base in regions and markets you never expected to do so with a metaverse app.

Boost Sales and Revenue

Open the door to a whole new realm of boosting sales and revenue by facilitating the trade and purchase of digital assets such as NFT, crypto, and P2E. Additionally, integrate a virtual world and game zones that instigate your customers to play and hence boost your revenue measures.

Stand Apart From The Competition

You’d be towering ahead of your competitors when your customers see the worth of your brand thanks to the immersive experience rendered via your metaverse apps. You’ll be able to count on the personalized branding that you achieve via your metaverse environment.

Gain Relevant Feedback

The solemn benefit of a metaverse development project is that you can gather authentic feedback from your potential customers by deploying virtual avatars and AI-driven algorithms that understand customer interests. You can enhance your data-analysis campaign effectiveness.

Increase Data Security

By integrating blockchain technology into your metaverse applications, you can protect your customer data and assure them of complete privacy. Without a centralized authority, your customers can be assured they are operating in an environment that respects their privacy.

Take Your Business to the Next Level by Integrating Metaverse Tech Into Your Applications

Let MTPL build a surreal metaverse project that enhances customer interaction and brings in big-time dividends

Why Should You Hire MTPL as Your Metaverse Development Company?

When it comes to metaverse application development, we are the right company for you as we blend in the latest immersive technologies like virtual reality, blockchain, and decentralized ecosystems into business applications.


Passion Meets Expertise

Our team of metaverse app developers is fuelled with credible knowledge and passion for building world-class metaverse projects by integrating the latest technologies like augmented reality and blockchain.


Updated with Metaverse Trends

The world of the metaverse is witnessing great advancements almost every day and our developers keep a close eye on the latest trends and incorporate relevant functionalities into business applications.


Winning Mentality

We’re ultra-focused on delivering results and achieving significant milestones for your business. Our forward-thinking approach helps us to deliver projects with the utmost quality and precision.


Served a Global Clientele

Our confidence stems from the fact that we’ve served a global client base and built powerful metaverse platforms constituting various use cases to satisfy individual client expectations.


On-Time Project Submission

We are prompt at submitting your metaverse applications within the set deadline. No matter the complexities involved during the app development phase, we’ll ensure that the project is delivered on time.


Fluent Communication

You’ll never face a glitch while our project manager and app developers communicate with you as they’re sound with language skills. The smooth rapport goes a long way to building powerful metaverse apps.

Custom Enterprise Metaverse Solutions

We’ve got the perfect metaverse solutions for your business application. Regardless of the business model, industry, and size, our metaverse developers will develop a metaverse environment that derives great ROI.

Metaverse Real Estate Development

As a part of our metaverse development services, we build decentralized virtual platforms for real estate brands to help them provide engaging experiences to their clients. By integrating virtual payment models such as NFTs and other digital assets, you can secure transactions.

Metaverse Social Media Development

Build a social media app that revolutionizes user experience and allows them to trade via digital assets. Our metaverse developers use 3D computational technologies and other immersive UI functionalities to build a networking app that becomes integral to your audience.

Metaverse Game Development

Our metaverse development services are great if you want to build a mindblowing game that captivates the interest of passionate gamers. By facilitating NFT tokens for an avatar or virtual world trade/purchase, we provide your gamers with a ton of reasons to love your brand.

Metaverse Fashion Store Development

As a leading metaverse development company, we integrate augmented and virtual reality technologies to facilitate metaverse fashion store development. Let your customers be able to try on products virtually at their convenience before they purchase them.

Metaverse Healthcare Development

We create virtual environments to facilitate healthcare practices and allow doctors to conduct surgeries on virtual bodies, and enable them to scan patient symptoms with projected vision. Our metaverse developers are adept at integrating immersive components that matter to you.

Metaverse Event Development

Do you conduct virtual concerts or other events virtually consistently? Our metaverse development services are focused on developing online applications that facilitate highly-interactive virtual experiences that enable the participants to have a natural feel.

Tech Stack We Use for Metaverse Development

We use the latest tools and technologies to conduct metaverse app development and are consistently updating the tools to enhance development measures. Here are the common tools we use.

AR/VR Development
  • ARKit
  • ARCore
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
3D Content
  • Blender
  • Maya
  • Houdini
  • Ready Player
  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • Solana
  • BinanceNFT
Team Strength
  • 1-2 Senior Developers
  • 2 Junior Developers
  • 1 UI/UX Designer
  • 1 QA Analyst or Expert
  • Project Manager/Coordinator

Our Custom Metaverse Gaming Development Services

We offer sensational metaverse gaming development services to provide surreal gaming experiences for your users. Taking advantage of groundbreaking technologies like the blockchain and VR, we thread out a blend of creativity and elegance.

Virtual Reality Gaming

As a top metaverse development company, we integrate virtual reality effects into your games to elevate the entire gaming experience. By deploying 3D virtual worlds, avatars, and high-definition audio technologies, we give your gaming platforms enhanced dimensions.

Dapp Gaming

We use blockchain technologies to facilitate a seamless gaming experience and create a decentralized platform for gaming. As blockchains are immutable and distributed, it assures gamers that their private data is safe and their progress in the games is stored.

P2E Gaming

Gamers today are looking out to earn from playing games. We provide metaverse integration services wherein we facilitate P2E or play-to-earn gaming features via the transfer of digital assets, native tokens, and cryptocurrencies. You can transcend the gaming experience by initiating P2E.


Metaverse development is the integration of core metaverse components such as 3D computational technology, virtual reality technology, and other technologies into an application to enhance your customer experience and derive great ROI.

The cost ultimately depends on the features and functionality that go into the game. For advanced technology integration, the development process takes time and hence more cost.

If you want to stand out from the competition and build a legacy brand you need to invest in new technologies like the metaverse as they offer surreal experiences to your target audience.

We’ll help you transition your existing business app to the metaverse by incorporating blockchain technology and other tools and frameworks. With our metaverse developers, it’s a seamless transition.

Unity, C#, and .Net are some of the metaverse development software that we use to build a standout metaverse application. The programming languages are capable of delivering efficient virtual and augmented reality features.

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