Hire AngularJS Developers

Build consistent and scalable front-end for mobile and web applications for your growing business. Our proficient AngularJS developers have core expertise in building custom apps that run across any platform. Hire our developers for seamless performance, easy navigation, and enhanced user experience for any type of customer base.

  • Extensive Knowledge of CI/CD Environments
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and Typescript
  • Deep Understanding of Material Design Principles
  • Skilled in Applying Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Strong Debugging Skills for App Maintenance


Hire a Team of Experienced AngularJS Developers

Build dynamic mobile and web applications with the ideal framework for robust, efficient, and interactive front-end development. We work with the full suite of JavaScript technologies to develop web components for safe data exchange and strong architecture.

AngularJS provides a simple-to-understand architecture and lightweight code, which maximizes the efforts of developers in writing clear code. With less coding, it provides the flexibility of adding and modifying components of a user interface.

Hire skilled AngularJS developers to build fast-loading web and mobile applications with responsive designs across multiple screens and reach a wider audience.

  • Expertise in core JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • Dynamic processing
  • MVC framework
  • Easy interface modifications
  • Two-way data binding
  • Easy and accurate bug testing
  • Faster site transitions
  • Intuitive user interfaces

Build Complex Web Applications Quickly

Transform your projects by hiring AngularJS developers for dynamic and cleanly coded functionality.

Expertise of Our Skilled AngularJS Developers

We offer end-to-end solutions for building high-quality web applications by combining complete frameworks for developing environments. Hire a dedicated AngularJS team to build customized projects with real-time features and build engaging and intuitive applications.

UX/UI Development

With an innovative approach to developing UX/UI design solutions, our AngularJS developers build rapid prototypes using open-source tools for optimization. With reduced code weight and lighter techniques, AngularJS promotes the reusability of web components without building the entire UI structure.

AJAX Development

AJAX development with AngularJS includes services for building bridges between Desktop and Web to facilitate better user experience. We build highly interactive user interfaces by leveraging easy data exchange with servers and easy updates to web page components.

AngularJS Consultation and Migration

Our experienced AngularJS developers guide your project to success by providing the best approaches and strategies suitable to your scalability requirements. Utilizing our services, we ensure that the web and mobile applications are aligned with the expectations of your target audience.

Progressive and Single-page Web Apps

AngularJS provides a robust framework for building progressive web apps (PWAs) and single-page applications (SPAs). Hire our developers to reap the benefits of dynamic user interfaces built on MVC architecture with interactive features like offline support and faster loading times.

Front-end Development

Handling complex business workflows for front-end development is easier with AngularJS to help enterprises, SMBs, and startups achieve more functionality. Our experienced AngularJS team facilitates the maintenance of the components of the user interface and database easily.

Custom AngularJS Application Development

Our custom AngularJS development services enable you to develop applications that best suit your business needs. Our developers bring their expertise in extending the app’s functionality with plugins and provide real-time features with API integrations.

Successful Projects by Top-rated AngularJS Developers

Take a walk through the most innovative concepts that we have brought to life utilizing the power of AngularJS libraries, tools, and frameworks for a holistic user experience.

Why Clients Trust Us?





Tailored Approach

Tailored Approach



Global Reach

Global Reach

Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

Ready to Build Front-ends That Users Love?

Leave the coding worries up to our expert developers, who have the mastery of developing highly compatible web app projects.

Process for Hiring Dedicated AngularJS Developers

We follow a six-step process to ensure you have access to the best developers from our pool of talented AngularJS developers. From understanding your requirements to conducting a thorough screening of skills, we build a development team that perfectly aligns with your needs.


Understanding Your Goals and Objectives

We conduct detailed discussions where we understand the goals you want to achieve from this project, our target audience, and your vision.


Finding The Right AngularJS Developers

We source the best AngularJS candidates ideal to fit your company culture and environment. By assessing the sourced candidates’ skills, experience, and expertise of developers in relevant technologies, we start the vetting process.


Screening Potential Candidates

Once we have the potential candidates, we conduct screening to evaluate their proficiency, technical knowledge, and experience working with different types of AngularJS projects.


Finalizing the Qualified Developers

Considering the internal reviews and screening, we develop a tentative list of candidates who are most qualified to work on your project and ensure they are well-equipped to take on responsibilities.


Building the Most Suitable Team

From the confirmed shortlisted candidates, we select the developers after having a final discussion with you and considering your feedback on the team's collaboration and communication skills.


Commencing the Project

Once we finalize the team, we start the development process by building the design and architecture to lay a strong foundation for the success of the project.


Engagement Models to Hire AngularJS Programmers

Our engagement models allow you to align your business goals and manage the scope of your project efficiently. With streamlined communication and continuous support, our developers work diligently and deliver projects on time.

Fixed Price Model


Fixed Price Model

Under this engagement model, you get the predictability of cost and budget to put aside. This model is billed based on the milestones achieved in the project. You should choose this model when you have an AngularJS project with a set timeline and scheduled project deliveries.

Dedicated Model


Dedicated Model

The dedicated model allows you to hire a team of experienced AngularJS developers who are entirely dedicated to your project. You should choose this model for long-term projects when you need a personalized approach, full control over the team, and close track of workflows.

Time and Material Model


Time and Material Model

For complete flexibility and visibility of the project, the time and material model focuses on utilizing the resources effectively. You can choose this model for developing an AngularJS project that needs scalability and has a dynamic nature with changes in budget and timelines.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated AngularJS Developers From Moon Technolabs

Build seamless user experiences with scalable front-end across multiple platforms with AngularJS. Moon Technolabs offers a tailored approach to developing enterprise-level web applications with agile methodologies and streamlines your business processes.

Lightweight and Quality Coding

AngularJS enables developers to write clean and quality code as it supports multiple languages and OS. It facilitates a creative development process by serving as a powerful IDE for mobile and web apps.

Daily and Consistent Reporting

Hiring AngularJS developers for your web or mobile app project will simplify the progress tracking processes. Our development team ensures that our project management tools keep you updated with the project’s progress.

Effective Maintenance and Optimal Efficiency

Working with AngularJS developers enhances the maintenance of the project even after the development is complete. Hiring a development team ensures that the software is thoroughly tested and bug-free.

Easily Upgradable and Scalable

AngularJS enables developers to build and upgrade their applications as it allows upgrading components incrementally, one at a time. It makes it easy to create, maintain, and test web apps easily and efficiently.

Post-development Support

The AngularJS development team provides post-deployment support once the product or software is launched on the market. It ensures that single-page apps can be easily developed with clear and intuitive UIs.

Flexibility of Contract Negotiations

We provide the flexibility of negotiating the contract before starting the project and ensure there’s always transparency of communication without compromising on the quality of the outcomes.



Why should I hire an AngularJS developer?

You should hire an AngularJS developer to help you build advanced solutions for front-end projects. AngularJS developers work with a customer-driven approach that enhances the design architecture, with code reusability for various types of applications like e-commerce, social media, food delivery, healthcare, and many more.


What is the difference between Angular and AngularJS?

Angular uses Typescript for writing code, and AngularJS uses JavaScript. On the one hand, Angular uses components to develop application architectures. On the other hand, AngularJS uses MVC architecture. AngularJS developers


Why should I choose AngularJS for developing web applications?

Choosing AngularJS for web applications offers you the advantage of having robust front-end development. AngularJS is easily upgradable and scalable across any major browser. Additionally, it offers dynamic features like dependency injection, simple MVC architecture, convenient testing tools, and simplified frameworks.


What skills do AngularJS developers have?

AngularJS developers possess the skills to work with technologies like CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. Apart from these being the most important, other tools include libraries like AngularCLI, NPM, Typescript, and Git. Our developers are experts in working with RESTful APIs and are proficient in Node.js and Webpack.


Do you provide post-deployment support?

Yes, we provide support and maintenance services once the development of your project is completed. We make sure that we stick to the terms mentioned in the contract, and accordingly, we provide extended support services. Our services include providing support for the latest upgraded versions, security patches, and error fixes.


How much does it cost to build an AngularJS web application?

The cost of developing an AngularJS web application depends on the complexity and features. It also depends on the type of business you have - whether it’s small, medium, or large scale. The typical cost would range from USD 2,500 to USD 8000.


Will I own the source code of the project?

Yes, all our clients would get ownership of the source code of the projects. All the code written by our developers will belong to you, and we define the same in our contracts. We make sure that it is clear in the contract that the custom code produced for your idea is under your exclusive ownership to modify.

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