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Result-Oriented PPC Management Services

Bomb the SERPs with your product/service ads & leverage the incoming traffic that’s driving to those pages. Be the market leader and dominate the search engine by availing of our superior PPC advertising services.

PPC Strategy & Audit

The success of a PPC campaign depends on the strategy that’s driving it. Our seasoned PPC ad strategists conduct a detailed analysis of your website & frame a scope of action considering your bid type, keyword focus, & budget. The campaigns are then effectively executed.

PPC Keyword Research

The trigger needs to hit the mark & the keywords need to be well-targeted. Using modern keyword research tools, our PPC specialists identify high-search volume keywords & target them via ads. With optimized keyword refinements, the results will show.

PPC Conversion Rate Optimization

Curate high-quality persuasive ads that propel your target customers to the bottom of the sales funnel. Our PPC campaign management services are centered on deriving conversions & we see that your sales funnel is expanding. Optimize your PPC delivery rates with 100% conviction.

PPC Landing Page Optimization

Optimize your landing pages to benefit from adherent PPC ad campaigns. Sync your PPC ad quality with landing page quality by optimizing the headings, CTAs, & content. Deploy high-search volume & low-difficulty keywords to make a difference.

PPC Social Media Advertising

Display appalling & eye-catching PPC ads on social media sites & direct potential customers to your central revenue-generating platform. Having studied your audience’s social media behavior, our ads specialists devise campaigns that bring in effective leads.

PPC Ads A/B Split Testing

As a leading PPC advertising agency, we curate a series of pay-per-click ad campaigns to measure the effectiveness of each campaign. Given the results, we identify the key parameters that determined its success & optimize the ads for further results.

Few Words from Our Beloved Clients

Launch a Strategic PPC Campaign & Gain Potential Leads Instantly

Partner with Moon Technolabs to craft excellent PPC campaigns that target specific audiences

Various Types Of PPC Ads We Devise

Our ingenious PPC experts have found their grove in nailing finger-biting paid search ads for an avenue of platforms. You just have to choose which platform, and they’re up for the run.

Search Ads

Harp over the feasibility of attracting potential customers who search for product/service offerings in your niche. Deploy smartly-crafted search ads that pop up in SERPs when customers search for the target keyword.

Social Ads

Reach out to diverse social media users with your custom product offerings via social ads. Leverage multiple SM platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to promote your brand.

Display Ads

Feature high-clarity display ads on the website banners pertaining to your similar industries & niche. Capture the attention of your target customers by displaying ads for trending products.

Video Stream Ads

Place ads in video content across streaming platforms, such as YouTube, to gather relevant customer leads. With the right keyword strategy, our PPC experts will ensure your ads appear in the most-watched videos.

Amazon PPC Ads

Spread your PPC ads all over the eCommerce platform & attract attention from potential customers. Align your ads to the right budget & bid strategy to place your ads where consumers are most likely to click.

Google Shopping Ads

Boost your eCommerce sales by deploying high-ROI Google shopping ads that convert. With attractive products featured at the top of the SERPs, there’s a great chance that most buyers will click on the ad.

Why Choose Moon Technolabs For Your PPC Campaign Management Services?

You can trust our IT & digital marketing services provider to facilitate next-level PPC marketing services for your brand & bring in the turnover. We’re the right team who has got the credibility to do so.


Experienced PPC Marketers

Our team of PPC specialists has sound knowledge of how paid search campaigns work & the techniques deployed to achieve results. According to the business model, they use proven methods to generate CTR.


Updated with the Latest Trends

As Google and other search engines keep updating their ad-campaign selection patterns, our PPC experts are all ears for it. They are in tune with SERP algorithms and innovate as the search engine updates.


Served a Global Clientele

Our PPC campaign management services have helped clients worldwide to benefit largely from ad spending & drive prolific sales. We’ve helped businesses achieve their targets, goals, & objectives.


Timely Reporting

We’ll keep you updated on your PPC campaign progress & share detailed ad spend reports. You can measure the performance of A/B PPC campaigns and determine their quality.


Sound Lingo

Settle for the best PPC advertising services with Moon Technolabs, as our PPC experts communicate effectively. Share your concerns & collaborate with them to attain your business goals.


100% Customer-Centric

As much as we’re dedicated to pulling up great PPC ads, we attain the results by thinking from the customers’ perspectives. They carry out effective ad campaigns by placing the customer in mind.

Craft Highly-Compelling PPC Ad Campaigns and Drive Customer Leads

Avail of our PPC management services & optimize your eCommerce sales & business revenue.

Why Go For PPC Marketing Services?

With the right execution of pay-per-click campaigns, you can explore new ventures and harness leads of potential customers outside the circle of organic reach.

Specific Targeting

You can target specific customer groups, classified based on gender, age, demographics, product likings, etc., via PPC ads. With ultra-high-precision targeting options available, you can get the desired leads.

Boosts Brand Visibility

By deploying display ads, search ads, and other PPC ad types, such as in-stream ads, you can expand your audience reach & boost brand visibility. Your brand becomes an icon in the search engine space.

Quick Results

When you’re looking for fast results, PPC ads are your gateway. With effective paid search campaigns, you can generate results within a limited time & bolster business growth.

Experiment with Campaigns

With PPC ads, you can run A/B campaigns & test prototypes to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Thus, it helps you optimize your ad campaign strategies & achieve business goals.

Measure Traffic Gain

You can measure the traffic you derive from PPC ads in terms of the clicks, impressions, & conversions. Each campaign’s derivatives can be studied & its KPIs can be tracked.

Derive Great Sales

Ultimately, the PPC ads help you to grow your brand & bring in sales. According to the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, you can expand your sales margin & enhance business revenue.


Both PPC & SEO are effective strategies to help your business grow & derive great leads. When used interchangeably, you can benefit in multiple ways & achieve your business goals within no time.

Factors such as business type, niche, target audience, demographics, etc., will determine a PPC campaign's cost. You can minimize your ad spend by limiting the audience reach.

You can expect results right from when you start running your paid search campaigns. Results will flow seamlessly once the campaign is optimized for your target audience.

There are various types of PPC ads, such as search ads, display ads, social media ads, & video stream ads. Depending on your business model, you can choose the apt PPC ads.

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